Lowville-Nelson is a pastoral charge that was created in 2004 to serve the needs of North Burlington. Both churches  have a long history of  continuous service  in their respective communities and look forward to continuing this service. 

   Both churches are smaller than the urban churches and still  retain their rural character The congregations of both churches cordially invite you to visit on Sunday morning.

Our regular service times; 9:30 am at Lowville and 11:15 am at Nelson.

All are Welcome!

Everyone is welcome to both. Come and join us!

Rev Daryl Webbber

I am Rev. Daryl Webber.

I grew up in Erindale United Church just east on Dundas. While there I became a candidate for Ministry and went to Theological College in Halifax. South-east Saskatchewan became home upon Ordination in 1996. I offer thanks to the churches that have nurtured and been places of formation for me. Blessed with such a gift, I pray I will pass such a gift along over my lifetime!

After three years on the Prairies I returned to Ontario and most recently served Ebenezer and Eden Mills United Churches. Since then my family and I have come down the Guelph Line to Lowville and Nelson! It is a big change to leave the familiar behind, but the community here is fun and Spirit-filled!

Some favorite things about church and Ministry that I thrive on:
church can be creative places, it is multigenerational, there are interesting lay people with wonderful stories, wisdom, gifts and a desire to offer themselves.
Spiritual direction is a great gift of the church and happens in many ways.

Church is a place I have found that encourages growth of its leaders and followers. At its best the community has found belonging and it in-turn nurtures belonging. Congregations do so, not because it wants bums in its pews but rather they love people, value them and are interested in their journeys! Interested and self-realized congregations are gifted in welcoming the Christ into their midst.

I do hope, as you come through the doors of Lowville or Nelson and get to know us you will feel a growing sense of “home, belonging, and encouragement”.

Rev. Webber can be contacted by email at lowville-nelsonum@rogers.com


You are encouraged to enjoy the services at either of the following churches. Services begin at 10am.

St. Stephen United Church
Tansley United Church
Carlisle United Church
(Kilbride Church closed in July)

Joint services at NELSON

Joint services at NELSON

Sept. 4 Summer Service
Rev. Kelly Thomson will be preaching.

Sept. 11 Rally Sunday
congregational pot luck lunch following service

Sept. 18 Lowville at 9:30 am, and Nelson at 11:15 am.

This website provides information about both churches, if additional information is required please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.


Nelson United Church.
Service 11:15 am
2437 Dundas St. West,  
Burlington Ontario L7P 0S8
Phone at 905 335-9394
Email: lowville-nelsonum@rogers.com

See map for Nelson United location


Lowville United Church
Service 9:30 am
5800 Guelph Line,
Burlington, Ontario L7P 0A7
Phone at 905 335-0911 
Email: lowville-nelsonum@rogers.com

See map for Lowville United location