Career Options in the Health Industry

When it comes to the healthcare industry there are a plethora of different jobs

that people can consider and there is certainly no shortage in the number of positions that

are available. There are a lot of healthcare professionals that make the decision to

work in hospitals, while others may choose to have their own private practice. The

opportunities will always be abundant because people are always in need of physicians,

nurses, dentists and dental hygienists.



People that work in the area of dentistry will have more than one choice of a field of expertise to

consider. There are dentists that simply practice general dentistry. There are

others that will take on the role of a specialist, such as an oral surgeon,

or perhaps as an orthodontist. Orthodontics is a specialty in which the

professional with the dentistry background will take on the task of giving

patients braces.

Dental Hygienist

People that decide to take the role of a dental hygienist will have a very busy day

because they provide service to lots of people throughout the course of a week.

These are professionals that are responsible for cleaning teeth, which is the most

common dental office procedure. In addition to this, they may also assist dentists

when it comes to performing root canals, or other similar procedures.


Physicians are also in high demand in the healthcare industry. It is not an easy skill to learn.

Those with the goal of becoming a physician must take on 4 years of undergrad, coupled

with 4 years of medical school, just in order to get to a point where they are doing a residency in a

hospital. This may seem like a long time to some, but all of the aspiring doctors

know that this is the time frame in which it will take them to complete their studies

and get to a point where they can provide the service of caring for others.

Healthcare Assistants

There are also a lot of men and women that are going to school for the various healthcare assistant 

positions. There are several different types of assistant positions.

Some may take the route to the role of LPN. Others may be

interested in becoming a registered nurse (RN).

There are also nurse practitioners, who have an extensive level of experience that supersedes what the

typical nurse would have. Many of these practitioners will attend school for

lengthy period, and they are often regarded as someone that knows almost as

much as doctors know about certain patients.


The healthcare industry is growing in a very interesting way, and many people

who are deciding their career path may consider this as a field that they should go into.


The hardest thing that people will find when they decide to go into the healthcare

industry is that there are so many positions to consider. Most people will have a

difficult time trying to narrow down the position that they are interested in. This should be seen as

a good thing because they have many options to consider.

Thinking of Choosing a Career in Dentistry?

Choosing a career in dentistry is challenging, rewarding and gives you the ability to help people. According to the U.S. News & World Report dentistry is one of the top health career fields. A dentist ranked number one on the list of the best jobs in 2017 and an orthodontist was number five. By 2024 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be 26,700 jobs available for new dentists.

Due to the growth of the population, the changes in the laws regarding health care and the amount of dentists ready to retire, there will be an increase in the volume of new dentists that will be needed.

Dentistry allows you to be independent, to set and work towards the desired goals for your career. Many dentists choose to open their own dental clinic once they graduate from dental school. By having an independent dental clinic, they are sending a clear signal to the community that they are making a long-term commitment to it’s residents; establishing themselves as the provider for preventative care, cosmetic and restorative procedures.

There are a lot of different options available in the dentistry field. Although eighty percent of dental school graduates choose general dentistry, there are plenty of other choices, such as research, clinical and academic careers in dentistry. By engaging in dental research and education, a dentist can contribute to the future of dentistry and oral health care. A dental educator actually shapes the curriculum of the dental school. A researcher in the dental field establishes advanced techniques, scientific findings on the cutting edge and new technologies available. With the many careers in oral health to choose from, you have the ability to discover a new oral health solution or find the answers to numerous oral health issues.

Dentistry is a health care field with the most flexibility. In fact, most dentists only work four days a week. In addition to the liberty of choosing the days and hours you work, a perk of being a dentist is a solid, steady salary. Although your income may vary depending on your type of practice and location you are still assured of having a steady income. According to the ADA, the average dentist makes around $180,000 to $220,000 a year.

Dentists contribute to the public’s general health and improve the lives of the people in their community. Many dentists say that the most satisfying thing about their career is making a difference in someone’s life by restoring their oral health.

Dentistry is a profession based on both scientific and artistic principles. To achieve optimal results, a dentist must stay abreast in the latest technology and techniques. While their main focus is on oral health they also restore teeth and help their patients achieve stunning smiles. A dentist and a team of dental hygienists, lab technicians and assistants, are left with a great sense of accomplishment when a patient leaves with the confidence brought by an amazing smile.


When you combine providing your community with an essential service, an income deemed above what is considered normal in the nation and a flexible work schedule, dentistry is a marvelous career choice. Having a career that benefits yourself as well as your community is sure to be rewarding.